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As you walk into the sanctuary of Restoration World Outreach, an atmosphere of awe and refreshing fills the air.  Instantly you realize, you’ve not just entered a building where people worship, but have come into a place where the worship of God is changing the lives of people.  Restoration World Outreach is a radical, passionately liberating, culturally diverse church that exists to make a difference − a place where individuals and families can grow and flourish in faith and discover God's plan for their lives. 

At Restoration, our assignment is to affect  change in the life of each person that enters our doors and lives in our communities. For us, it’s more than just church as usual. It's about a community of believers that have an authentic relationship with God and each other. Restoration is about a hand to hold and eyes that smile. It’s that listening ear with a heart that won’t judge and patience that understands.  It’s another that knows your trouble and a soul that has felt your pain. It’s that unmistakable feeling of belonging to something bigger than oneself.  It's knowing that when you lend a shoulder to lean on, and give a hug to soothe the hurt that you have entered into the ministry of Jesus. You've made a difference; you've bridged the gap between an earnest prayer and God's answer to the problem.  At Restoration, it's about connection. Here, you can go beyond just attending to belonging.




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Main Service Times
Sunday: 9:00am 
Sunday: 11:00am
Kids Space (Children's Ministry):
Sunday: 11:30am
1st Floor, Green Room
Friday Night Lights
4th Friday: 7:00pm



Restoration World Outreach
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