Restoring the Foundation

Sesson One: Inner Healing  

Often, our life experiences shape who we are. Sure, pushing past old hurts, tough circumstances, and issues can be hard. You’re also right if you say, “getting stuck living in the past is easy.” But, letting go of the old and moving into the new is worth it. For one, it calls us to live where God is – in the present.

Being present is about living in “Spirit and in truth.” Here’s the thing: It’s only in the present that we can find healing for the pains of the past. What’s more, as believers, we have come to a greater knowledge of the truth–we don’t have to remain where we are, we can experience complete healing!
Restoring the Foundation is an inner healing ministry that works with you to reset the clock on our yesterday. The goal of this ministry is to forge ahead with purpose to the heart of the matter, which is the place where we gain liberty.

There are four main areas we will discuss in Restoring the Foundations:
Sins of the Fathers and resulting curses (SOFC’s)
Ungodly Beliefs (UGBs)
Soul/spirit hurts (SSHs)
Oppression/Spiritual Oppression (DO)

John 8:31-32     . . . “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

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Class is open to people age 14 and up.
For more information, contact or 302-764-8885.
It is an eight-week course. You may begin at any time.
  • When: Thursdays - Next Session TBA
  • Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Location: Virtual Class 102
  • Zoom #  854 9307 1559

Mending the Cracks in the Soul
By: Dale Sides

Restoring the Foundations (An integrated Approach to Healing Ministry – 2nd Edition)
By: Chester and Betsy Kylstra
These materials aren’t required but are a good resource for students.