The path to learning and living big starts here!

What does it mean for little ones to live big?  Learning extends far beyond the realm of official schooling and when it comes to kids, they soak up information from all areas of life. Life itself is a wide-open book.

RWO Baby provides exceptional childcare and an innovative curriculum that encourages children to explore and discover educational value  from a variety of sources including music, arts, dramatic play, science, and technology.
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At RWO BABY, we  offer exceptional child care and phenomenal curriculum. Smaller classroom  size  and  teacher to student ratios provide for more focused instruction for your little one.


RWO Baby Learning center is about much more than just daycare. We want to ensure that our kids are ready for today's fast-paced technology driven world which is why our classroom activities focus on cultivating S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills.  All while having lots of fun!
We help you prepare young learners to be the innovative thinkers that will build our future world. 


“Children should be able to do their own experimenting and their own research. Teachers, of course, can guide them by providing appropriate materials, but the essential thing is that in order for a child to understand something, he must construct it himself, he must re-invent it."
- Jean Piaget

Who are we?

We at RWO Baby are teachers and educators. We are mothers and fathers  who believe each and every child has purpose, is valuable in God's sight, and has the potential to contribute to society with the gifts they have been given. These gifts just need time and  the opportunity to blossom and bloom.

Check out our school for yourself to see all the exciting things going on! Depending on your schedule, virtual and/or in-person tours may be available.

Why RWO Baby?

Why should you choose RWO Baby, you ask? The answer is simple: We know the value of quality education. In fact studies show that children who have received quality early childhood education,  later have a better quality of life, are likely to attend college, positively contribute to society, and earn a higher salary.
Beginning with our advanced technological programs, after-school tutoring, and activities that promote the overall development of children like music, theatre, arts, gymnastics, engineering, and strategic gaming, you'll notice the difference between RWO Baby and her competitors, right from the start.

COVID-19 Safety

When you teach children (preschoolers and early elementary students) to value learning and to choose their educational sources thoughtfully and intentionally, you are embarking on a lifelong journey that will help shape their values and identity
It all starts with providing your child with a healthy, safe environment while he or she is away from home. We have closely followed the advice of state and local health authorities in order to improve and strengthen our already stringent procedures. 


For more than three decades, child care professionals have relied on software solutions to help them navigate the many facets of providing effective and safe child care. RWO Baby provides their parents with technological solutions that raise the standard for parent, student, and site relations through professional communications, easy-to-access portals, and the ability to receive real-time classroom updates.

How to Enroll

Want to learn more about RWO Baby? Please click on the registration link above to register your information with us and we will provide you with further information, so you can decide if RWO Baby is the school for your child.

Discovery is Key

We invite you to learn more about us here on our Youtube Channel! We have informational videos for you as well as learning videos for the kids.