Becoming a Disciple of Jesus

Congratulations on answering the call of God on your life with a resounding yes! Now, what comes next? As a believer, your journey doesn’t end here. There is so much more that’s in store for you. Throughout the course of your Christ walk, you will always be learning, growing and maturing as you increase in your faith.  As a community, we exist to ensure: you have access to the resources that you need, directions to finding the answers you seek, that you are grounded and standing on a firm foundation, and that you never need to walk this road alone.

Here is where the Discipleship Life Group becomes an invaluable resource.
The Discipleship Life Group has three sub-groups: Anchored, Believers Foundation, and Restoring the foundations. They address the most basic concern of a new believer, growing, disciple of Christ,  as well as the more complex issues regarding matters of the heart.