O U T R E A C H   M I N IS T R I E S


Register for a Christmas Basket. You will receive an email/text to confirm your pick-up time.
The Christmas season is quickly approaching. We are currently preparing for our RWO Food Give-Away event. As always, we receive great joy in spreading love and blessings to many in need during this time and season. If you would like a Christmas Basket with essentials for a family meal, please follow the link to register your request and communicate an available time for pick-up.


God has a unique plan of success for everyone in every circumstance. At Restoration, we aim to impact the community around us and change people's lives for the better.  

As a church in Wilmington, Delaware, we can help some of the most vulnerable and food-insecure people. We see first-hand the loss, hunger, wounds, and brokenness of those who suffer lack in one way or another; (spiritually, emotionally, and financially). The numbers are staggering! It's so easy to take for granted the simple things such as food, clothing, and personal care products,  which are major needs for so many others.  

As an organization, we recognize that we could potentially answer this problem of hunger and lack that plagues the less fortunate in our community. We also acknowledge that we cannot make the impact we desire without the support of people societies like yours who use their resources to help those most in need.